Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Veterans Day and Two Funerals

While many of us got the chance to reflect, on our veterans yesterday, I attended two funerals, both were the funerals of veterans, so I guess it seemed fitting on to bury them on veterans day.  Being that there were rules when I started this year and I said I would not wear dresses to weddings or funerals I didnt want to rule it out as this journey has taken me on a ride.  I checked with both families and they asked me to be repectful which I assured them I would be.  So I wore a floral dress that went to mid calf that I had worn to church a few times.  I left the house around 8:30

The first funeral took place at 10am,  Jake he is the younger brother of one of my childhood friends Chris. Jake died at the young age of 29.  He had spent 8 years in the army.  Upon returning he dealt with alcoholism which is unfortunately what ended up taking his life.  He left behind a wife and 2 children.

I arrived at the church around 9:30 spoke with Chris and his family, they were courteous I was trying to stay out of they way and let them grieve because it was about them.  They already knew I wore dresses so they were OK with me wearing them.  They asked me if I would not mind being a paul bearer.  I told them I would be honored and asked if I could stand in the middle as I didnt want to draw to much attention to myself and take away from while we are here.  His wife and mother thought Jake would get a kick out of me carrying him wearing a dress and Jakes wife Kristen thought it could be a possitive memory for they 4 year old girl that you can be strong and pretty.  I was so humbled I ended up carrying him.

 I ended up getting away from Jakes funeral about 1 and had a second funeral about 1 hour away I had to be at by 3pm. 

The second funeral was for my grandfathers friend Ed.  Ed and my grandfather were in the Marine Corp 28 years respectively.  They fought in WWll Korea and Vietnam.  Both got in 1942 and both got out in 1970.  Ed was able to beat the Germans, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese unfortunately he lost his battle with Pneunomia.   My grandfather had passed away 15 years earlier otherwise he would have been there himself unfortunately I went there in his sted.  I am a firm believer that greatness is not in about making presense known it is more about making your absence felt.  Based on Eds absense and the people at his funeral it is safe to say he was a great man.  I paid my respects to his children and sat near the back and watched people pay him a tribute.  I thought about going up there but i didnt want the funeral to be about me I wanted to be about Ed.  So I sat in back listen. 

His daughter Grace asked me to come up and share some stories.  So went up there and told this story about how Ed and his wife Margie met and My grandparents met.  My grandpa and Ed were best friends and Ed was dating my grandma and My grandpa was dating Margie.  So they ended up going on a double date together and Margie was like heah John tell me about Ed.  my grandpa was like Eds the best, so she was like I think  I smitten with him and Ed was smitted with her they broke up with my grandparents and started dating each other.  The rest was 65 years in making.  We met over at Graces house after and chatted alittle bit.  I headed home alittle late.

I was saddened to have to go the two funerals on veterans day however, I was honored to be asked to be part of them

A meeting in Wichita

With the ebola outbreak going on it is amazing to me that my job finally decided to take some proactive steps.  So we created a proactive plan decrease the likilihood of an incidence of ebola in Oklahoma.  We put forth a strategic response plan.  However, I find that the state governments are alot like the federal government in that they close the barn doors after the cattle are out.   So work with other state agencies and my boss asked to go up to Wichita on Monday to present on our measures.  I asked what time the meeting was she advised 8:30AM

I was like, heah can I teleconference in, he stated we want to there so I the advised that it took 2 hours to get there from my house.  So I would have to be up by 4:30 to leave the house by 6:30.  He asked how long it takes me to get ready I told him about 1 hour.  He asked me how long it would take back when I was still wearing pants to work.  I advised I would shave and shower the night before so it took like 20 minutes to get ready. 

I was unsure what the weather was going to do.  So while I wore a knee length wrap dress I brought a skirt and blouse with me.  The wind was gusting like crazy at 6:00 AM as I was leaving.  The wind was cod as ice on my legs when though I was wearing tights I was still freezing.  On my way up I stopped for gas, it was a Phillips 66 station going in the clerk was kind she was like you must be freezing I assured her I was.  She asked me where I was going I told her about my meeting in Wichita and bought a cup of coffee some gas and away I went. 

I got up to the location where they are having the meeting right at 8AM which means I was glad the meeting was starting till 8:30.  I went in a few of the folks already knew me and my wardrobe change this year a few more were surprised by it.  We chatted alittle bit they asked me if I was going to change my genders I was pretty sure not at this time I was happy with me.  But now I got to be happy while wearing a dress. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Outerbanks

My cousin Chrissy and her husband Jason live in Kill Devil Hills N.C., so when I was out in Wilmington N.C. on business I used the opportunity to go visit her.  Earlier this year they had welcomed daughter number 3 into the world.  She is Reagan  So they have 3 girls Ryanne 15, Elizabeth 9, and Reagan, born in January.  Chrissy and I were really close growing up so it was plesant to see her.  I told her I had made some changes in my life this year so I would look different.  So explained she looked forward to seeing me and I looked forward to seeing her as well.  The drive from Wilmington to Kills Devil Hills took 5 hours which you really dont think it should take that long.  So I ended up there around lunch time.  I arrived at their house around 11:45 and it took Chrissy alittle bit by surprise she said I know you said change but this is a big change.  The girls greated me and I was close to all of them but  I am the god parent to Elizabeth to and honestly she is the best friend anyone could ask for.  When Elizabeth saw me I thought she was going to be hurt but she hugged me the same and sweezedd tight.  She asked me about the dress I let her know.  She was completely ok with it I was releaved. 

Shortley after arrived there it was lunch time so we headed out to lunch.  We went to Dare Devils pizzeria.  We shared a large pizza between the four of us.  Chrissy and I ordered a salad ahead of time.  When the waitress came by I asked the waitress where the restroom was and she replied which one.  Beth spoke out and said the ladies of course.  Beth offered to show me I advised the waitress I was not trying to cause any problems she said no big deal and Beth showed me to the ladies room.  While I was in the bathroom Beth was talking to me through the door.  I was listening and she let me know her concerns about me wearing a dress.  She had two fears.  First I would be her god parent anymore I told her she would always be my little buddy.  Second she thought  I needed I new name as I didnt look like a Joe anymore.  So I asked her to take the lead and come up with some names.  Beth came up with Kaylee and Madison because those were her two best friends.  Ryanne came up with Aubrey and Bayleigh, I came up with Caitlin and Faith, Chrissy came up with Andrea and Julia.  So Beth volunteered she liked her names the best but I told her to ask other people not just herself So we wrote the names down on a piece of paper and for thre rest of the day she would talk up to strangers and ask them what I should be called.  She asked almost 60 people and I promised her that whatever the results were I would be okay with

In the finally tally it was
Kaylee lll (Beth was atleast one)
Gweneth lllll
Bayleigh llll
Aubrey lllllllllllllllll
Caitlin llllllllll
Faith l (My vote)
Andrea lllll
Julia lllllllll

Even though Beth wanted me to be a Kaylee, I hoped Caitlin or Faith would win and Caitlin almost did I ended up Aubrey. 

So when we finally got back to their home after going to the beach.  Beth wanted to make sure I have a girls swimsuit give I brought with me.  Jason was home and Chrissy explained I had made some changes and he thought I lost weight so he was surprised when he saw me he was like Crap I am surrounded by women everyday and when I finally get someone to visit who may like hunting they turn out to like dresses instead.  I promised Jason that it was not exclusive I still very much enjoyed hunting and fishing.  Because because you were dresses and panties doesnt mean you dont like hunting.  He told me about  this deer he took and afterwards we headed to this seafood restaurant Sam and Omies.  The entire time at the restaurant and the rest of my visit Beth kept introducing me as Aubrey  

Skull Creek Boathouse

After swimming I headed over to the Skull Creek Boathouse. As it was close to dinner time so the place was packed I took a number as they stated it would be a 45 minute - 1 hour wait. I asked where a good place to wait was and they advised that down by the channel there is an outdoor bar, so I went down there the company there was kind. However, being there were people already drunk at 6 pm they wanted to take my picture,which I am usually not OK with. While I was at the bar the two female bar tenders asked me what I wanted I ordered a reds apple ale I wished I had ordered one of their mixed drinks are seeing them but a Redds is what I ordered.  Jennifer was one of the bartenders names took my order I asked her if I could order off the menu she said I could and I asked for a recommendation and was recommended the Sevechie. I ordered the tropical sevechie. The two female bartenders were nice and the married couple from Virginia next to me were kind we chatted up alittle bit they live near the beltway and recently bought a house down in Hilton Head and were enjoying it.   While waiting on my food customers came and went but pleasant overall.  One of the locals decided to sit next to me and chat me up wow what he drunk.  We chatted for 45 minutes while I was eating and exchanged random conversations.  He explained he was a fishing captain and took people out on his boat to go fishing.  Tried to get me to go out but because  I did not know him and was only there for 1 day  I declined he swindled me into buying him a beer which was fine because his company was worth the price of the beer. 

Overall though the visit was fun and should I go back I plan on eating again at the skull creek boathouse.

Hilton Head South Carolina

While in Georgia on business a few weeks ago I was fortunate to get to do some sight seeing one of the locations I ended up going was Hilton Head South Carolina.  A place known for their beaches and heat.  It was summer so it was extremely hot so I decided to wear a sundress.  I only brought two with me so I ended up buying another one when I got there it was a short blue one.  It was modest however it still was designed to be knee length so when you are 6 feet tall knee lenth usually means mid thigh.  But like I said it was summer so it was a welcome change.  My first stop was the Staples as I needed to mail a package home and the experience was okay no big deal.  I took a small drive through the area and wanted to take advantage of the beach to do some swimming.  I found a beach that was not as crowded are another beach which really means it was still crowded and went for a swim.  I brought a two piece tankini which thankfully covered well.  Getting to the beach was a little bit of a walk but not to bad.  However upon arriving on the beach I got more than a few stares which I have kind of gotten used to.  The water was slightly warm but refreshing.  I was probably out there for 2 hours and really had a great time.  I chatted some people however most really didnt want to chat with me and after swimming I headed back to change into my dress again as I was getting hungry and it was around 6 pm.  The changing rooms at the beach have always been a sticky subject for me as I am unsure which one to use as either one will draw attention to me but only one will get me arrested so I used the mens changing room.  going in there I first rinsed off i was still wearing my swimsuit so it was understandable why I got more than a few looks.  However, I minded my business and they minded theirs for the most part. 

Not a bad experience

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains

While in Georgia for work I wanted to take a few extra days and go sight seeing.  I had heard about the Blue Ridge Mountains and decided to take a drive up from Gaiseville through the blue ridge mountains up towards the North Carolina Border and the Chatahoochie River.  The trip did not disappoint  since I knew that is where I was going I decided to stay in Cornelia GA sunday night.  It was a very lovely Hampton Inn and Suites and the front desk person as nice. 

I got up Monday morning, Iwas avised it was going to be hot so I decided to wear a sundress it was full length to perhaps not be so freaking hot and headed over to the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It is beautiful up there are while there was not a diverse group of people.  People are people so I ran into to the spectrum of all the different people. 

I stopped in the Bavarian town called Helen and had breakfast it was delightful.  After tht I headed over to Spring Mountain which is the head of the Appalachian Trail at Spring Mountain.  I learned that while I was there.   The hiking trail is well definted but they falsely lead you to believe how far it is.  I changed out of my sandles and put tennis shoes on for the walk.  When you start they tell you, you are only 600 steps away when you make it the 600 steps there is a sign that says congrats half way there.  You dont want to give up you just went 600 steps so you finish.  The sight was beautiful. 

After leaving Springer Mountain I headed over to Ellijay.  It is amazing there, they have an orchard that grows its own peaches, apples, strawberrys.  While I was there I decided to try an Apple donut it did not disappoint.  The cashier I could tell was uncomfortable but the food wass still delicous.  In addition I tried Muscadine Grape freezy made with Muscadine Grapes and ice.  It was delicous.  I also tried their Apple Cide, Peach Cidar, and Strawberry Cidar.,  I mailed Apple and Strawberry home. 

After my trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains I needed to head to Atlanta I had a conference to prepare for and a Braves game to catch.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Haunted Ghost Trail

While in Atlanta I happened to take a few extra days and go to Savannah what a marvelous city right in history and a great place overall.  I had dressed up to go to dinner but because it was so darn hot I ended up changing into a sundress.  As was walking through downtown Savannah I happened to see a young lady named Jackie I was making small talk when I dark dressed young man explained that all who are onthe Ghost tour go with him she let me know her friend couldnt make it even thought she had paid for her and asked if I wanted her spot.  I agreed,  so on with the tour I went.  I wasnt wearing the right shoes so my feet were aching however the tour was great met alot of great people in this tour group.  In the group also were a group of Aussie students these students were on break from school and they were slightly drunk so when the guide talked about haunted stuff if really bother the drunkest of the two.  However,  I was getting a kick out of all those drunk people of a haunted tour. 

We stopped at a pub for a few minutes had I had a Angry Orchard to go which is legal in Savannah, and way we went.  The tour was awesome what a great group of people.  After the tour Jackie wanted to go see this German Rock band play I went along and stayed a few minutes however,   I couldnt understand the music and thanked her and left.

Overall a fun experience

Rude Clerks even in the South

While in Atlanta i happened to go by a Catherines in Atlanta, I was going to buy a new sundress when I went in it was easy to tell the clerk wished  I had went elsewhere and she tried her best to not help me I would ask her about a dress and she was like that is all we have.  I found a dress I liked and I asked to try it on she responded by telling me they dont let men try on dresses in their store I explained there was no sense in buying it if I didnt know if it was going to fit.  She explained I still wasnt going to try it on.  So I put the dress back and left.

I went to a Dress Barn right down the street the clerk was nice and helped me pick out a nice dress the ones I liked she thought didnt look good on me and the ones I thought were so so looked good on me.  Subsequently I found a few and that experience was a very positive one.

However, I found even the South has really rude people.

Braves Game in a Dress

While in Atlanta I got to catch 2 Braves Games the first one on a Monday night.  After my meeting I went back to my hotel room changed and headed over to the game.  I wore a sundress and flip flops and a ball cap.  The game was great most of the crowd was friendly but did not know how to act towards me and I think the rudest was the two ladies sitting in front of me the were exceptionally snarky and rude.  I believe they were lesbians as they were making out occasionally so I was taken aback but the fact that here at two people who have been picked on for their lifestyle make fun of others.  What a tangled web we weave.

The game was close but the Braves lost.  The staff was professional but there was alot of maam sir mix ups that I let roll of my back occasionally I would correct them but overall I would let it pass.  However they have a club house store for womens fan gear so I went shopping in there and the clerk was overal not really nice I asked about what sizes she had stuff in it was always if it aint out we dont have it.  Overall the game experience was wonderful

The Georgia Heat

A few weeks back my job sent me to Atlanta on company business.  I wanted to enjoy the opportunity as I do get to go to Atlanta all that often and I am huge Braves fan since way back.  During my first day there I got headed over to my conference which is in the CDC.  I dressed conservatively.  Aline knee length skirt long sleeve blouse and jacket.  I got over to the meeting at 7:30 as the meeting started at 8:00AM  it was only about 100 feet from the parking garage to the building, however the time it look me to walk that distance it looked like I had showered with my clothes on.  Since the meeting was at the CDC I ended up going through security which proved to be not a big deal.  Metal detector however the security guard asked if  I was nervous so I replied I was just really hot.  She was like OH yeah it is hot at there.  I was at the meeting by 7:50 got to chat with everyone for a short period and some people new about my new wardrobe others did not so so people were surprise and others indifferent.  However I noticed that everyone else was dressed significantly more casual than I was.  Two of the ladies I work with from other states were wearing sundresses.  Samantha one of the ladies approached me and asked me if I was hot she explained that I looked like I was.  I told her I thought this was going to be a professional meeting she said it was but people are still going to dress casual because of the heat.  It just happened that the meeting was recorded so I got to look even stranger by not just being the only guy in a dress but also over dressed.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mooning the Boss

My job on the occasion requires me to put forth presentations from time to time in front of the leaders of our organization and Tuesday was no different.  So before my presentation I went ahead and used the restroom to make sure I didnt have to go during.  Apparently the back of my dress got stuck in my hose.  A few minutes into my meeting I was asked to give my presentation over the completion of contuining education credentials for practicing nurses that work for the state.  So I was going to be up their a while. 

Apparently I got quite animated and turned my back to the crowd on a hand full of occasions.  As I didnt know the presentation went off without a hitch.  However, after the meeting was over as I was leavin Crystal said "Heah you didnt know this but you were mooning us during the presentation"  The back of your dress is caught in your hose.  I was about thre shades of embarassed. 

So after the meeting I sent out appology emails.  Rest assuring them I didnt know all the feedback was positive reassuring me they knew it was accidental.  One of our Executive leaders she reminded me to make sure I look in the mirror before leaving the restroom in the future I told her I would.  I promised  not to make a habit out of moonming people.

Bachelor Party

As last Friday was one of Chris last few as a free man.  The three of us took him out on the town.  I met the guys at Chris's house and we took his C Class since their was just the four of us.  I was notimated the designated driver.  This was no big deal to me as  I didnt mind.  I had bought a dress for the occasion and we met the other three were semi-suited up No Ties!  We started at out the strip clubs by his house and worked our way around the city.  We got him an obserd number of lap dances.  The second strip clud we went to the double d saloon the guys got me a lap dance, which was moderately embarassing.  However, the girl who gave it was a good sport about it as it was a first for both of us. 

The humor in the evening was that all three of my friends tried to take photos of each other doing stupid things.  However as the sober one I thought it was hilarious.  They all got photos however they were off tilt or crooked or not in focus. 

We ended up at 5 strips cluds in OKC and all the guys were totally in the bag.  Around 11pm we started rounding up the evening.  I took Josh home, then Terry, then on to Chris.  After dropping chris off I made sure he made it to his couch I wood have made sure he made it to his bed however the trash cans are closer to the couch. 

Overall I had a great time it was a first for many of us.  Christy was a good sport about and asked me to come to her bachelorette party i was flattered but respectfully declined. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dress Shopping for a Rehersal Dinner

As I have mentioned in previous posts of my best childhood friends is getting married he is getting married next next.  I decided to buy a dress for the rehersal dinner.  So I went dress shopping these are the two dresses that I have decided on and can not decide which one I like better.  My goal was to look nice without looking to trashy or to much like a grandma.  I bought both of the dresses after trying them on and asked my friends which ones they liked and they ended up refering me to their girlfriends and wives.  I swear they are no help.  Jennifer liked the torquiose one and Christy liked the red one. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Job Interviews in a dress

Even though I have a full time job I decided to look for a part time job to earn some extra money, and constructive use of my free time.  I have applied at roughly a dozen or so stores and hotels.  I have had two interviews.  The first interview was at Chicos in OKC.  When I arrived the manager was professional however she was uneasy with me in a dress. We went in the back she asked me questions that were pertinent and knowledge based we share out views on loss and shrinkage as well as good customer service.  We had a common bond on our view on loss and customer service. We interviewed and talk for about 1 hour.  She explained how she thought I would fit in well however she didnt have any positions at the time for me.  Inronically 4 weeks later she is still looking for help.

The second interview was at Dress Barn in OKC, the interview was with the training manager. She talked to me about 15 minutes maybe less she told me I was unqualified to work as a sales associate or sales support.  But she was quick to add the wanted my business just not my employment.

I have subsequently applied at Soma, Maidenform, and Hanes.  I was instructed that they didnt believe a male would be comfortable talking about and selling lingerie.  I advised them that they obviously didnt notice that I was wearing lingerie.  As a wearer of bras and panties I have became knowledgeable onthe subject.  However they advised to keep looking so the search continues.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Dinner and a Movie

Last Friday went I to Dinner with my friends and their significant others.  Chris is getting married so Terry and his wife, Josh and his girlfriend, Chris and Christy, and I all went out to dinner at Charlestons. 

Before heading to dinner, I needed to change so I brought my clothes with me and changed at work.  I had bought a new dress and was looking forward to wearing it.  As I was changing I notices a tear along the seam in the back of the dress.  I was wearing a dress so it wasnt that big of a deal.  I called Dress Barn wear I bought and thought I would swing by and exchange it for the same dress.  However, when I got there there didnt have that dress in my size any longer.  So I went through picked out two other dresses and went on my way. 

Luckily I was only a few minutes late to dinner and of course my friends didnt let me live it down.  Terry was razzing me stating I was always the first one there and on time.  All of a sudden give him boobs and a dress and he is running late.  I was like yes Terry boobs make people run late. 

Dinner was wonderful we always have a great time.  We have some drinks joke with each other and enjoy each others company.  Dinner got done around 9 as Terry and Jennifer needed to get home to their kids.  Josh and his girlfriend went on to some dance clubs. 

I had no interest in going so I decided to catch a movie as my wife wouldnt be home till after 11.  I headed over to Penn Square AMC Theatres to catch a movie.  Getting to the mall as they were closing there were not alot of people at the mall.  I went in and saw 300 rise of an Empire in 3D.  It misses some plot however it is a good movie and in 3D it is amazing.

Buying H-Posts and Corner Posts

Living on a farm I am always fixing fence or moving fence or building new fence.  This week like all other weeks is no different.  I am building a new property line fence on my south side as such I decided to purchase two corner posts and a couple of h posts to have just in case. 

Yesterday I decided to go and pick them up when I got off work, I called to make sure they were there, at that time I asked if anyone was going to be able to assist in the loading of the posts.  The shop advised that customers loaded there own posts.  When I arrive to pick them up I just got off work so I was still in a dress.  A knee length blue wrap dress, upon my arrival they were very friendly and advised me where the posts were.  They then advised that they would help load as they did not think I was going to be able to load them.  Normally I would take the help, however instead I decided to load them my self.

So far I have been amazed how people treat you differently based on how you are dressed,  In jeans and a tshirt you can load your posts.  In a dress suddenly you are to weak to do mans work.  Somehow we have this notion that what you wear defines who you are.  That is a terrible shame.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Out to Movie

Living on a farm the only times I really get to go out is on Fridays so Friday two weeks ago I decided to go out.  When I got off work I put of my push up bra and my favorite blue dress and went out on the town. 

My first stop was at Lane Bryant as I had received a Lane Bryant gift card for Christmas and hadnt used it I was able to go there when they had 70% of clearance I was able to buy two pairs of pants and a top for less than $20.  Great deal.

After leaving Lane Bryant I decided to go catch a movie, Non-Stop had just came out so that seemed like a good movie.  The theatre was moderately busy however I had no problems I bought my ticket and while I got a few looks everyone overall either ignored me or was nice to me.

The movie was OK not great and after the movie I stopped by the Rockaway taverns for some adult beverages.  Overall positive experience I knew the bar tender there however I wasnt expected to run into anyone I knew.  However,  I ran into one of the ladies I work with she was polite.  SHe njoyed her beverages and I enjoyed mine and went on about our evening

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Road Trip

On friday I go off early so I used this opportunity to take a road trip.  I ended up going to Wichita Kansas.  I know everything is think how exciting wichita.  However I was going up there to see my cousins new baby and go to the cabelas.  The trip was a great trip no complaints I did see a few people who looked at me cross eyed or like I was alittle strange.  My cousins husband works in Wichita but they actually live north of there.  So I asked him where he wanted to meet me when he got off of work so I could then follow him to his house.  There was a Twin peaks and Hooters by his job Hooters was closer so I ended up hanging out there for 90 minutes waiting on Jason.  The greater was unsure how to treat me so she kind of ignored me and took a complasant approach.  However one of the waitresses was especially kind she was not my waitress.  She walked by and let me know that my dress had been caught over the chair and I was exposing my rear.  After being embarassed I corrected the dress and waited for Jason. When he got off work he met me there he was taken aback by the fact I was in a dress he had never seen me like that before.  So we shot the breeze for about 20 minutes and headed out to his house.  When we got to his house my cousin hadnt seen me sinceI started wearing dresses so she was taken aback by that I was wearing a dress.  She initially was shocked and she then teased me about how short it was I explained that it went to just above the knee however when I say down at Hooters I had mooned the restaurant.  She got a kick out of that.  I met there new baby such a darling and then I subsequently went on to Cabelas i Cabelas I was treated Okay not great but OK I have been treated better and worse. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sunday Dinner

Saturday night out with the guys one of my friends Terry called his wife and asked her if she wanted me to still come to their daughters brithday party the next sautrday  She was like I better come over and bring a good gift. I asked her about the dress. She asked me if I wanted to come over Sunday after church for dinner. I then reminded her about the dress, she stated that I should bring more clothes with me because the boys will want to play football.  So Sunday around 3 I drove over to Terry and Jennifers house.  They have a nice house in Edmond.  After getting their I realized that alot of her family was going to be their her sister and her two boys her parents and their 3 kids.  I was unsure about the welcome but Jennifer met me in the yard told me she appreciated me not looking like a hooker she thought it was going to be some crude joke I told her I was serious.  We went in and we met all of her family they were nice they were taken aback by me in a dress but were warming up to me as they got to know me.  She asked me if I brought any other clothes for football I did I brought along some shorts and a tshirt.  I brought a sports bra to keep the breasts in while I played.  The it was 3 on 3 terry and his two nephews again me and his two sons.  It was a blast we won 5 to 4 or 35-28 depending on how you keep score.  As we were sitting around outside terry told me they had so much fun he had forgotten about the boobs and dress that initially freaked him out.  After the rest the boys talked into one more game this time we changed up players and it ended in a 3-3 tie.   After that we all went back inside I was sweaty head to toe and went in and changed.  Jen asked me if I wanted help with make up I thanked her buy told her at this time I am not trying to pass as a woman so I dont need make up.  So I changed back into the dress and we had dinner.  The ham the chicken and dumplings everything great.  After dinner the boys wanted to go out and play another game but it was getting dark and jennifer reminded them that even boys dont get to play football in dresses.  I initally stood my ground and asked her who she was talking to jokingly she then asked me if I wanted one of the boys to see up my dress when they tackle me or ruin the dress I was joking with her but agreed I ended by playing the wii with their daughter.  I asked her if it was okay that I go to her party in a dress.  She asked me if I was going to dress as a princess I told her probably not she asked me pretty pretty please I told her I would look into it but no promises.  She then told her mom I was going to dress as a princess.  Jen was like really?  I said I would look into it I wanted to make sure she was okay with me in a dress and now apparently she wants me dressing like a princess.  I told her I never dressed as a princess so in my year of change it might be a good change.  So monday I called around trying to find a princess dress who knew this was going to back fire. 

Night Out with the guys

Last saturday I got a called from from of my friends Justin he asked me if wanted to go out with the boys as they were getting together I stated sure. So we all went out to Twin Peaks in OKC to watch some basketball and have some beers. My friends had not seen me since i started my quest for a year in dresses so when I showed up in a dress they were taken by surprise. The dress was just a normal knee length dress sleeveless nothing special. After the good goshing or ribbing they gave me we all got to sit around and enjoy ourselves.

 One of my friends Josh kept staring at my chest so I kept saying Josh my eyes are up here. The reason we got together was Chris is getting married his girlfriend happen to work their at Twin Peaks. so after she (Christy) got off she joined us.  I know Chris and Christy getting married how adorable.  We had a fun time, Christy was like heah can I ask you a personal question I was like okay. She was like you are a guy right I said yes she said you are straight I said yes. I then chimed in and said she couldnt leave Josh for me. Josh was like whatever. She stated you are wearing a bra right I was like yes. She ask if I was wearing panties I asked her if she was, she told me that was kind of personal I reminded her she just asked me she told me she was wearing panties I told her Me Too. Overall the night was funny out of all my friends I was the most boring and had the least to talk about apparently that has changed. Terry one of my responsible friends you wife kids the American Dream. He was giving me crap he asked me if I was coming over to his daughers birthday party on Saturday she is turning 6. I told him I could but I wasnt sure how his wife would take the whole dress thing. Terry called his wife and she was like I better come over and bring a good gift. I asked her about the dress.  She said she thought her daughter would get a kick out of it.  She asked me if  I wanted to come over Sunday after church for dinner.  I then reminded her about the dress, she stated that I should bring more clothes with me because the boys will want to play football.  I told her I wouldnt and so I guess I am going to a 6 year old girls birthday party next saturday. 

Shopping and a trip to Hooters

After work I need to make a return to Somas to take some clothing that didnt fit back while I was there they talked me into trying one of their Stunning Support Full Coverage.  I went ahead and gave it a try it was kind of uncomfortable however it offered alot of lift.  I went ahead an got it as the girl advised me that it would be more comfortable after it got worn more often.

After that I went over the the Lane Bryant Outlet store they were having a clearance sale.  Everything was 50% off and Clearance 60% off.  I tried on a few dresses I thought they were alittle short the lady clerk didnt think so.  In addition I tried on I one piece jump suit I liked everything about it but the inseam was alittle short I know I was suppose to wearing only dresses but I was looking for things to wear to when I can not wear a dress.  My friend is getting married next month and as I stated I will not make a joke of his wedding by wearing a dress.  However, I am wearing one to the bachelor party.

After shopping I decided I wanted a night cap so I headed over to hooters for a drink.  I have had bad luck at this Hooters and I was unsure how it would go.  As a entered alot of people were starring at me that is pretty usual.  The waitresses name was Kelsie she was kind polite and friendly.  Everything I could ask for.  After being seated I ordered my drink and a subsequent drinks as well.  I however only had 2 as I was driving.  I then sit there watched the game on the TV and chatted with the staff.  After my previous experience being so horrible I decided to talk to the manager she was great not only did she have a great personality but she was attractive and chatty as well.  Overall a great experience.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dancing with a Lady

I go to my local bar once a week have a few beers and shoot the breeze, however since I started wearing dresses many of the bars no longer treat me as I did before then.  However, last Friday I went to a bar in Edmond and had a few beers one of the friendly regulars name is Jaime she always is so nice and kind.  She asked me in I wanted to dance I said sure however I am not sure how she feels about dancing with a man in a dress she said she didnt have a problem with it we had such a blast she subsequently bought my a Jagger Bomb as a thank you.  SO for every jerk I run into I run into a Jaime that reminds me the world is pretty good.

Dress Shopping

I had to go to the outlet mall to go to Soma as I have bought some clothing that is was to small I was I there I purchased an additional Allure bra I swear the most comfortable bra ever.  To bad they are discontinuing them.

As shopping at Soma I went over to dress barn to look at some dresses I was relieved by their selection I am so used to them having nothing so I was pleasantly surprise by their choices I tried on three dresses they had this beautiful one it was more of a summer dress and I didnt feel like summer.  and it was short.  I never thought about how short a dress was until I tried to move around in it and bend over etc.  I spent half the time showing my rear off.  However these two I liked.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Finaly Friday

This morning the weather was crazily cold in the single digits however good to my word I got up this morning put on my dress and went to work.  The dress looked longer than it actually was.  My work day went off withut a problem everyone did what they were suppose to do and we got to leave on time.  After work I went by Soma Intimates and purchased a new Allura bra.  I swear one of the most comfortable bras on earth after Soma I went and had dinner a the Twin peaks restaurant I know why it is called that and the food is good but the fried pickles are delicous.

 Dinner went wrather well I did get more than my fair share of strange looks however evcerything went well.  One of the ladies I work with her daughter works there si I try to make small talk with her she is pretty good at it but has her moments of where she doesnt feel chatty.

The photo was taken from the night out

Friday, January 24, 2014

Day Three

It was cold cold cold at home today and I slept in late.  I got up got dressed made it all the way to my truck when I realized.  I was not wearing a dress so I had to go back in and change I put in the bra and panties and dress and took everything else with me it is amazing what you can fit in a purse.  The dress was knee length however as cold as it was I was wondering if I should have started this journey in the summer. 

My whole body was cold the people I work with are great they initially looked at me cross eyed I was like you have seen me in a dress before but one of the ladies I work with was like yes but it is really really cold to cold for me.  I was like yes it was almost to cold for me I almost wore pants under my dress she stated that would have looked stupid and while I agree it would have looked stupid.  So I ended up not wearing pants. 

Having to carry everything with me in a purse answered the question about why women carry so many things in their purse it is because you never know what you are going to need.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day Two

Today  I woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual and made it to work on time no runs in my pantyhose.  The people who didnt see me on day one saw me on day two.  Went to the gym after work and then onto to Hooters for wings Wednesday and the Thunder were playing.  We won by 8 points. 

I thought Hooters would be worse than grocery store.  I can not put my life on hold during this journey so I went anyway I am glad I did. Overall my experience their was a positive one.  One of my buddy's girlfriend works there I ended up with one of her tables.  It was overall a great experience.  She intially got a kick out of seeing me in a dress and tried to sell me a hooters shirt HA HA.  During my meal she sat down with me and shot the breeze along with her friends they asked my why I was doing it I explained it to them.  I am a open book so Jennifer one of her friends was like can I ask you something I was like go ahead.  I went ahead and volunteered yes I am a guy I am happy being a guy.  She said no that is not what she was asking I said go ahead.  She asked if I was wearing panties.  I asked her if she was she said yes I sarcastically remarked Me Too. I then told her yes in all seriousness I was wearing panties.  Then I asked her if she asked all her customers that she said just the guys in dresses.  She went back and told her friends I was wearing panties including my buddy's girlfriend apparently she was the only one surprise everyone else was like Duh wears a dress probably wears bras and panties. Overall though a good experience.
First day at work after the three day weekend this was going to be the real test the first day wearing a dress at work.  I spoke with Human Resources and they advised do to discrimination I must remain in compliance that means no short short dresses or mini skirts don't flaunt cleavage use the men's restroom (Don't know why I wouldn't) and try not to make a mockery of them.

Monday I ended up getting up 15 minutes before I normally do and even though I woke up 15 minutes sooner I ended up being 15 minutes late for work.  This whole dress wearing was a pain in the neck all the extra time it took.  Pantyhose are such a pain and they had a run in them 5 minutes after putting them on. 

Once I got to work my boss was surprise I told them I was going to but after a 10 minute conversation I was able to get to work.  The rest of the day people were going in and out talking to me trying to get a look.  I got to the point where when people would walk in I would stand up and look at them and acknowledge them so they could see me then I could get back to work.

Going to the gym after work was interesting as everyone wanted to take a peak and changing in the mens locker room was a chore as everyone wanted to take a peak.  So like a champ I held my head high and changed just as if I was like everyone else.

Lets be honest that is because I am like everyone else.  I just happen to have a larger wardrobe
The three day weekend of dress wearing went over with some hiccups.  The first time I went out in public was to the grocery store and all that hubbub you would have thought a bear was riding a unicycle in the store.  One Monday I went to the movie Theatres and saw Shadow Recruit good movie however a modest let down compared to Hunt for Red October and Clear and Present Danger.  The dress I chose was suppose to be knee length however when you are 6ft tall that often becomes short. 

I got a few looks in the theatre and at dinner however the experience was pretty good overall.  I look forward to when it doesn't bother me as much.
Dress Shopping

As a former college linebacker I am 6ft tall and broad which means it is near impossible to buy a dress at gap or the mall I ended up at Lane Bryant and Dress barn the ladies their were really nice at first they were taken aback I was shopping for me however they were very helpful I was able to get three dresses not enough for a 7 day week but a good start.

I bought quite a few bras from Soma Intimates very comfortable bras, I also bought some from Lane Bryant I bought two plunge push ups wow do they make your boobs pop out they put them up front for everyone to see.

As far as pantyhose I brought 7 pair of Just my size from Wal Mart.

Being saturday was the first day after I bought the dresses that was day 1.  So January 18,2015 will be 1 year.  Normally new years resolutions start on January 1, since mine did not it also will no end until January 18, 2015

I am a native Oklahoman I was born and raised in the Tulsa area.  I played football in high school and was good enough to play in college.  So I got a football scholarship to play a Baylor University. (Go Bears)  I received my first degree in Biochemistry a Bachelors of Science from Baylor.  For those counting I have 5 degrees 3 undergraduate degrees and 2 graduate degrees.  My other two undergraduate degrees are  BS in Mathematics from Arizona State University.  A BA in Sociology from Arizona State University.  A MS in Mathematics and Statistics from Penn State University and a MA in Criminology from University of Mississippi.  At some point over the next two years I will have a third Masters a Masters in Nursing Science from University of Oklahoma.  This would let some people believe that I am a genius however how smart can a guy be that wants to wear a dress everyday.

I am married have been for the last 7 years.  Happily married to an understanding wife

A little about me, I am not anymore transgendered than anyone else. I am not a transexual and I have the upmost respect for those who are.

I am just your average run of the mill guy that decided to start a journey hopefuly to learn more about others and alot more about myself.
Welcome to A Year in Dresses,

This is my blog about my journey as a man wearing a dress everyday for the next year.  Most of the thoughts will be about my overall experience and whats in the news however.  I hope to gain valuable insight that I can share with the world as well.

I am not disillusioned into thinking I am more important nor my experience more important than anyone I was just hoping to pass on my experience and views.

During the next year I will everyday wear a dress in my everday life. At this time I do not have a wig or make up nor do I believe I would chose to.  As I am not attempting to look like a woman. 

First question I get asked is why a dress?

I don't have a real good answer but this is what I have found out.  I was always curious about women's clothes and I used to wear my sisters clothes when i was little.

Also the social construct we have attached to what is boys and what is girls "stuff."Plus I have always been curious to me.  Boys can not like dolls girls can't like trucks and hunting.  I am curious why we are so quick to tell people what they can or can not be.

Before I decided on wearing dresses.  I started with other clothes I thought about.  Wearing jeans everyday for a year however my profession would not permit me to wear jeans at work.  What would be the underlying lesson "Jeans are Great"  I think everyone would agree a comfortable pair of jeans is great.  I considered wearing panties everyday for a year.  I considered wearing bras everyday for a year and while I am going to do that as well I was not sure that was going to be enough. Then I thought about wearing women's trousers at work and jeans not at work so I bought a few pair of trousers I still have them.   They are more comfortable but have smaller pockets (Apparently no need to carry keys or wallet in your trouser pocket).  I tried wearing skirts however I enjoy them and have some but still was not quite what I was looking for.

 So then it hit me what is the one article of clothing that is feminine that can not be confused with anything other than what it is, a dress.

So then I thought about how long I should wear one and what the terms should be.  First I though the term should be long enough for me to truly grasp an understanding.  I initially thought 1 week.  Then I thought 1 month.  But that seemed to me that you would barely get through the nervousness and awkardness after 1 month.  I thought about how long would it take for wearing a dress to become second nature to me.  That it would seem normal to put on a dress   So then I thought about 1 year,  and I made that part of my New Years Resolution.  So was well as losing weight eating healthier I am going to wear dresses everyday this year as well.

Here are the self imposed rules I have put on myself during this expedition.  First everyday I will wear a dress, i will go through the same morning ritual all women go through getting ready for the day.  Until I get more dresses there will be repeats of the same dress.  I will wear a dress in every part of my everyday life.  Work, grocery store, movies everything one person normally does.  There will be a few instances when I will not wear a dress these are;
When I am farming on my ranch it is near impossible to build fence, haul hay, and ride horses in anything but jeans.  Second if I have a wedding or funeral I will not be wearing a dress, while I am not opposed to wearing dresses during funerals and weddings I am considerate enough to know these events are not about me and subsequently I should dress accordingly.  Third my job has been accepting however they require me to wear a suit and tie should I meet with the governor or any head of state.

However on the instances when I can not wear a dress I will put one back on when the event is over.