Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dress Shopping

As a former college linebacker I am 6ft tall and broad which means it is near impossible to buy a dress at gap or the mall I ended up at Lane Bryant and Dress barn the ladies their were really nice at first they were taken aback I was shopping for me however they were very helpful I was able to get three dresses not enough for a 7 day week but a good start.

I bought quite a few bras from Soma Intimates very comfortable bras, I also bought some from Lane Bryant I bought two plunge push ups wow do they make your boobs pop out they put them up front for everyone to see.

As far as pantyhose I brought 7 pair of Just my size from Wal Mart.

Being saturday was the first day after I bought the dresses that was day 1.  So January 18,2015 will be 1 year.  Normally new years resolutions start on January 1, since mine did not it also will no end until January 18, 2015

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