Friday, March 28, 2014

Job Interviews in a dress

Even though I have a full time job I decided to look for a part time job to earn some extra money, and constructive use of my free time.  I have applied at roughly a dozen or so stores and hotels.  I have had two interviews.  The first interview was at Chicos in OKC.  When I arrived the manager was professional however she was uneasy with me in a dress. We went in the back she asked me questions that were pertinent and knowledge based we share out views on loss and shrinkage as well as good customer service.  We had a common bond on our view on loss and customer service. We interviewed and talk for about 1 hour.  She explained how she thought I would fit in well however she didnt have any positions at the time for me.  Inronically 4 weeks later she is still looking for help.

The second interview was at Dress Barn in OKC, the interview was with the training manager. She talked to me about 15 minutes maybe less she told me I was unqualified to work as a sales associate or sales support.  But she was quick to add the wanted my business just not my employment.

I have subsequently applied at Soma, Maidenform, and Hanes.  I was instructed that they didnt believe a male would be comfortable talking about and selling lingerie.  I advised them that they obviously didnt notice that I was wearing lingerie.  As a wearer of bras and panties I have became knowledgeable onthe subject.  However they advised to keep looking so the search continues.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Dinner and a Movie

Last Friday went I to Dinner with my friends and their significant others.  Chris is getting married so Terry and his wife, Josh and his girlfriend, Chris and Christy, and I all went out to dinner at Charlestons. 

Before heading to dinner, I needed to change so I brought my clothes with me and changed at work.  I had bought a new dress and was looking forward to wearing it.  As I was changing I notices a tear along the seam in the back of the dress.  I was wearing a dress so it wasnt that big of a deal.  I called Dress Barn wear I bought and thought I would swing by and exchange it for the same dress.  However, when I got there there didnt have that dress in my size any longer.  So I went through picked out two other dresses and went on my way. 

Luckily I was only a few minutes late to dinner and of course my friends didnt let me live it down.  Terry was razzing me stating I was always the first one there and on time.  All of a sudden give him boobs and a dress and he is running late.  I was like yes Terry boobs make people run late. 

Dinner was wonderful we always have a great time.  We have some drinks joke with each other and enjoy each others company.  Dinner got done around 9 as Terry and Jennifer needed to get home to their kids.  Josh and his girlfriend went on to some dance clubs. 

I had no interest in going so I decided to catch a movie as my wife wouldnt be home till after 11.  I headed over to Penn Square AMC Theatres to catch a movie.  Getting to the mall as they were closing there were not alot of people at the mall.  I went in and saw 300 rise of an Empire in 3D.  It misses some plot however it is a good movie and in 3D it is amazing.

Buying H-Posts and Corner Posts

Living on a farm I am always fixing fence or moving fence or building new fence.  This week like all other weeks is no different.  I am building a new property line fence on my south side as such I decided to purchase two corner posts and a couple of h posts to have just in case. 

Yesterday I decided to go and pick them up when I got off work, I called to make sure they were there, at that time I asked if anyone was going to be able to assist in the loading of the posts.  The shop advised that customers loaded there own posts.  When I arrive to pick them up I just got off work so I was still in a dress.  A knee length blue wrap dress, upon my arrival they were very friendly and advised me where the posts were.  They then advised that they would help load as they did not think I was going to be able to load them.  Normally I would take the help, however instead I decided to load them my self.

So far I have been amazed how people treat you differently based on how you are dressed,  In jeans and a tshirt you can load your posts.  In a dress suddenly you are to weak to do mans work.  Somehow we have this notion that what you wear defines who you are.  That is a terrible shame.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Out to Movie

Living on a farm the only times I really get to go out is on Fridays so Friday two weeks ago I decided to go out.  When I got off work I put of my push up bra and my favorite blue dress and went out on the town. 

My first stop was at Lane Bryant as I had received a Lane Bryant gift card for Christmas and hadnt used it I was able to go there when they had 70% of clearance I was able to buy two pairs of pants and a top for less than $20.  Great deal.

After leaving Lane Bryant I decided to go catch a movie, Non-Stop had just came out so that seemed like a good movie.  The theatre was moderately busy however I had no problems I bought my ticket and while I got a few looks everyone overall either ignored me or was nice to me.

The movie was OK not great and after the movie I stopped by the Rockaway taverns for some adult beverages.  Overall positive experience I knew the bar tender there however I wasnt expected to run into anyone I knew.  However,  I ran into one of the ladies I work with she was polite.  SHe njoyed her beverages and I enjoyed mine and went on about our evening