Friday, March 28, 2014

Job Interviews in a dress

Even though I have a full time job I decided to look for a part time job to earn some extra money, and constructive use of my free time.  I have applied at roughly a dozen or so stores and hotels.  I have had two interviews.  The first interview was at Chicos in OKC.  When I arrived the manager was professional however she was uneasy with me in a dress. We went in the back she asked me questions that were pertinent and knowledge based we share out views on loss and shrinkage as well as good customer service.  We had a common bond on our view on loss and customer service. We interviewed and talk for about 1 hour.  She explained how she thought I would fit in well however she didnt have any positions at the time for me.  Inronically 4 weeks later she is still looking for help.

The second interview was at Dress Barn in OKC, the interview was with the training manager. She talked to me about 15 minutes maybe less she told me I was unqualified to work as a sales associate or sales support.  But she was quick to add the wanted my business just not my employment.

I have subsequently applied at Soma, Maidenform, and Hanes.  I was instructed that they didnt believe a male would be comfortable talking about and selling lingerie.  I advised them that they obviously didnt notice that I was wearing lingerie.  As a wearer of bras and panties I have became knowledgeable onthe subject.  However they advised to keep looking so the search continues.  

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