Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Road Trip

On friday I go off early so I used this opportunity to take a road trip.  I ended up going to Wichita Kansas.  I know everything is think how exciting wichita.  However I was going up there to see my cousins new baby and go to the cabelas.  The trip was a great trip no complaints I did see a few people who looked at me cross eyed or like I was alittle strange.  My cousins husband works in Wichita but they actually live north of there.  So I asked him where he wanted to meet me when he got off of work so I could then follow him to his house.  There was a Twin peaks and Hooters by his job Hooters was closer so I ended up hanging out there for 90 minutes waiting on Jason.  The greater was unsure how to treat me so she kind of ignored me and took a complasant approach.  However one of the waitresses was especially kind she was not my waitress.  She walked by and let me know that my dress had been caught over the chair and I was exposing my rear.  After being embarassed I corrected the dress and waited for Jason. When he got off work he met me there he was taken aback by the fact I was in a dress he had never seen me like that before.  So we shot the breeze for about 20 minutes and headed out to his house.  When we got to his house my cousin hadnt seen me sinceI started wearing dresses so she was taken aback by that I was wearing a dress.  She initially was shocked and she then teased me about how short it was I explained that it went to just above the knee however when I say down at Hooters I had mooned the restaurant.  She got a kick out of that.  I met there new baby such a darling and then I subsequently went on to Cabelas i Cabelas I was treated Okay not great but OK I have been treated better and worse. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sunday Dinner

Saturday night out with the guys one of my friends Terry called his wife and asked her if she wanted me to still come to their daughters brithday party the next sautrday  She was like I better come over and bring a good gift. I asked her about the dress. She asked me if I wanted to come over Sunday after church for dinner. I then reminded her about the dress, she stated that I should bring more clothes with me because the boys will want to play football.  So Sunday around 3 I drove over to Terry and Jennifers house.  They have a nice house in Edmond.  After getting their I realized that alot of her family was going to be their her sister and her two boys her parents and their 3 kids.  I was unsure about the welcome but Jennifer met me in the yard told me she appreciated me not looking like a hooker she thought it was going to be some crude joke I told her I was serious.  We went in and we met all of her family they were nice they were taken aback by me in a dress but were warming up to me as they got to know me.  She asked me if I brought any other clothes for football I did I brought along some shorts and a tshirt.  I brought a sports bra to keep the breasts in while I played.  The it was 3 on 3 terry and his two nephews again me and his two sons.  It was a blast we won 5 to 4 or 35-28 depending on how you keep score.  As we were sitting around outside terry told me they had so much fun he had forgotten about the boobs and dress that initially freaked him out.  After the rest the boys talked into one more game this time we changed up players and it ended in a 3-3 tie.   After that we all went back inside I was sweaty head to toe and went in and changed.  Jen asked me if I wanted help with make up I thanked her buy told her at this time I am not trying to pass as a woman so I dont need make up.  So I changed back into the dress and we had dinner.  The ham the chicken and dumplings everything great.  After dinner the boys wanted to go out and play another game but it was getting dark and jennifer reminded them that even boys dont get to play football in dresses.  I initally stood my ground and asked her who she was talking to jokingly she then asked me if I wanted one of the boys to see up my dress when they tackle me or ruin the dress I was joking with her but agreed I ended by playing the wii with their daughter.  I asked her if it was okay that I go to her party in a dress.  She asked me if I was going to dress as a princess I told her probably not she asked me pretty pretty please I told her I would look into it but no promises.  She then told her mom I was going to dress as a princess.  Jen was like really?  I said I would look into it I wanted to make sure she was okay with me in a dress and now apparently she wants me dressing like a princess.  I told her I never dressed as a princess so in my year of change it might be a good change.  So monday I called around trying to find a princess dress who knew this was going to back fire. 

Night Out with the guys

Last saturday I got a called from from of my friends Justin he asked me if wanted to go out with the boys as they were getting together I stated sure. So we all went out to Twin Peaks in OKC to watch some basketball and have some beers. My friends had not seen me since i started my quest for a year in dresses so when I showed up in a dress they were taken by surprise. The dress was just a normal knee length dress sleeveless nothing special. After the good goshing or ribbing they gave me we all got to sit around and enjoy ourselves.

 One of my friends Josh kept staring at my chest so I kept saying Josh my eyes are up here. The reason we got together was Chris is getting married his girlfriend happen to work their at Twin Peaks. so after she (Christy) got off she joined us.  I know Chris and Christy getting married how adorable.  We had a fun time, Christy was like heah can I ask you a personal question I was like okay. She was like you are a guy right I said yes she said you are straight I said yes. I then chimed in and said she couldnt leave Josh for me. Josh was like whatever. She stated you are wearing a bra right I was like yes. She ask if I was wearing panties I asked her if she was, she told me that was kind of personal I reminded her she just asked me she told me she was wearing panties I told her Me Too. Overall the night was funny out of all my friends I was the most boring and had the least to talk about apparently that has changed. Terry one of my responsible friends you wife kids the American Dream. He was giving me crap he asked me if I was coming over to his daughers birthday party on Saturday she is turning 6. I told him I could but I wasnt sure how his wife would take the whole dress thing. Terry called his wife and she was like I better come over and bring a good gift. I asked her about the dress.  She said she thought her daughter would get a kick out of it.  She asked me if  I wanted to come over Sunday after church for dinner.  I then reminded her about the dress, she stated that I should bring more clothes with me because the boys will want to play football.  I told her I wouldnt and so I guess I am going to a 6 year old girls birthday party next saturday. 

Shopping and a trip to Hooters

After work I need to make a return to Somas to take some clothing that didnt fit back while I was there they talked me into trying one of their Stunning Support Full Coverage.  I went ahead and gave it a try it was kind of uncomfortable however it offered alot of lift.  I went ahead an got it as the girl advised me that it would be more comfortable after it got worn more often.

After that I went over the the Lane Bryant Outlet store they were having a clearance sale.  Everything was 50% off and Clearance 60% off.  I tried on a few dresses I thought they were alittle short the lady clerk didnt think so.  In addition I tried on I one piece jump suit I liked everything about it but the inseam was alittle short I know I was suppose to wearing only dresses but I was looking for things to wear to when I can not wear a dress.  My friend is getting married next month and as I stated I will not make a joke of his wedding by wearing a dress.  However, I am wearing one to the bachelor party.

After shopping I decided I wanted a night cap so I headed over to hooters for a drink.  I have had bad luck at this Hooters and I was unsure how it would go.  As a entered alot of people were starring at me that is pretty usual.  The waitresses name was Kelsie she was kind polite and friendly.  Everything I could ask for.  After being seated I ordered my drink and a subsequent drinks as well.  I however only had 2 as I was driving.  I then sit there watched the game on the TV and chatted with the staff.  After my previous experience being so horrible I decided to talk to the manager she was great not only did she have a great personality but she was attractive and chatty as well.  Overall a great experience.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dancing with a Lady

I go to my local bar once a week have a few beers and shoot the breeze, however since I started wearing dresses many of the bars no longer treat me as I did before then.  However, last Friday I went to a bar in Edmond and had a few beers one of the friendly regulars name is Jaime she always is so nice and kind.  She asked me in I wanted to dance I said sure however I am not sure how she feels about dancing with a man in a dress she said she didnt have a problem with it we had such a blast she subsequently bought my a Jagger Bomb as a thank you.  SO for every jerk I run into I run into a Jaime that reminds me the world is pretty good.

Dress Shopping

I had to go to the outlet mall to go to Soma as I have bought some clothing that is was to small I was I there I purchased an additional Allure bra I swear the most comfortable bra ever.  To bad they are discontinuing them.

As shopping at Soma I went over to dress barn to look at some dresses I was relieved by their selection I am so used to them having nothing so I was pleasantly surprise by their choices I tried on three dresses they had this beautiful one it was more of a summer dress and I didnt feel like summer.  and it was short.  I never thought about how short a dress was until I tried to move around in it and bend over etc.  I spent half the time showing my rear off.  However these two I liked.