Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sunday Dinner

Saturday night out with the guys one of my friends Terry called his wife and asked her if she wanted me to still come to their daughters brithday party the next sautrday  She was like I better come over and bring a good gift. I asked her about the dress. She asked me if I wanted to come over Sunday after church for dinner. I then reminded her about the dress, she stated that I should bring more clothes with me because the boys will want to play football.  So Sunday around 3 I drove over to Terry and Jennifers house.  They have a nice house in Edmond.  After getting their I realized that alot of her family was going to be their her sister and her two boys her parents and their 3 kids.  I was unsure about the welcome but Jennifer met me in the yard told me she appreciated me not looking like a hooker she thought it was going to be some crude joke I told her I was serious.  We went in and we met all of her family they were nice they were taken aback by me in a dress but were warming up to me as they got to know me.  She asked me if I brought any other clothes for football I did I brought along some shorts and a tshirt.  I brought a sports bra to keep the breasts in while I played.  The it was 3 on 3 terry and his two nephews again me and his two sons.  It was a blast we won 5 to 4 or 35-28 depending on how you keep score.  As we were sitting around outside terry told me they had so much fun he had forgotten about the boobs and dress that initially freaked him out.  After the rest the boys talked into one more game this time we changed up players and it ended in a 3-3 tie.   After that we all went back inside I was sweaty head to toe and went in and changed.  Jen asked me if I wanted help with make up I thanked her buy told her at this time I am not trying to pass as a woman so I dont need make up.  So I changed back into the dress and we had dinner.  The ham the chicken and dumplings everything great.  After dinner the boys wanted to go out and play another game but it was getting dark and jennifer reminded them that even boys dont get to play football in dresses.  I initally stood my ground and asked her who she was talking to jokingly she then asked me if I wanted one of the boys to see up my dress when they tackle me or ruin the dress I was joking with her but agreed I ended by playing the wii with their daughter.  I asked her if it was okay that I go to her party in a dress.  She asked me if I was going to dress as a princess I told her probably not she asked me pretty pretty please I told her I would look into it but no promises.  She then told her mom I was going to dress as a princess.  Jen was like really?  I said I would look into it I wanted to make sure she was okay with me in a dress and now apparently she wants me dressing like a princess.  I told her I never dressed as a princess so in my year of change it might be a good change.  So monday I called around trying to find a princess dress who knew this was going to back fire. 

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