Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Haunted Ghost Trail

While in Atlanta I happened to take a few extra days and go to Savannah what a marvelous city right in history and a great place overall.  I had dressed up to go to dinner but because it was so darn hot I ended up changing into a sundress.  As was walking through downtown Savannah I happened to see a young lady named Jackie I was making small talk when I dark dressed young man explained that all who are onthe Ghost tour go with him she let me know her friend couldnt make it even thought she had paid for her and asked if I wanted her spot.  I agreed,  so on with the tour I went.  I wasnt wearing the right shoes so my feet were aching however the tour was great met alot of great people in this tour group.  In the group also were a group of Aussie students these students were on break from school and they were slightly drunk so when the guide talked about haunted stuff if really bother the drunkest of the two.  However,  I was getting a kick out of all those drunk people of a haunted tour. 

We stopped at a pub for a few minutes had I had a Angry Orchard to go which is legal in Savannah, and way we went.  The tour was awesome what a great group of people.  After the tour Jackie wanted to go see this German Rock band play I went along and stayed a few minutes however,   I couldnt understand the music and thanked her and left.

Overall a fun experience

Rude Clerks even in the South

While in Atlanta i happened to go by a Catherines in Atlanta, I was going to buy a new sundress when I went in it was easy to tell the clerk wished  I had went elsewhere and she tried her best to not help me I would ask her about a dress and she was like that is all we have.  I found a dress I liked and I asked to try it on she responded by telling me they dont let men try on dresses in their store I explained there was no sense in buying it if I didnt know if it was going to fit.  She explained I still wasnt going to try it on.  So I put the dress back and left.

I went to a Dress Barn right down the street the clerk was nice and helped me pick out a nice dress the ones I liked she thought didnt look good on me and the ones I thought were so so looked good on me.  Subsequently I found a few and that experience was a very positive one.

However, I found even the South has really rude people.

Braves Game in a Dress

While in Atlanta I got to catch 2 Braves Games the first one on a Monday night.  After my meeting I went back to my hotel room changed and headed over to the game.  I wore a sundress and flip flops and a ball cap.  The game was great most of the crowd was friendly but did not know how to act towards me and I think the rudest was the two ladies sitting in front of me the were exceptionally snarky and rude.  I believe they were lesbians as they were making out occasionally so I was taken aback but the fact that here at two people who have been picked on for their lifestyle make fun of others.  What a tangled web we weave.

The game was close but the Braves lost.  The staff was professional but there was alot of maam sir mix ups that I let roll of my back occasionally I would correct them but overall I would let it pass.  However they have a club house store for womens fan gear so I went shopping in there and the clerk was overal not really nice I asked about what sizes she had stuff in it was always if it aint out we dont have it.  Overall the game experience was wonderful

The Georgia Heat

A few weeks back my job sent me to Atlanta on company business.  I wanted to enjoy the opportunity as I do get to go to Atlanta all that often and I am huge Braves fan since way back.  During my first day there I got headed over to my conference which is in the CDC.  I dressed conservatively.  Aline knee length skirt long sleeve blouse and jacket.  I got over to the meeting at 7:30 as the meeting started at 8:00AM  it was only about 100 feet from the parking garage to the building, however the time it look me to walk that distance it looked like I had showered with my clothes on.  Since the meeting was at the CDC I ended up going through security which proved to be not a big deal.  Metal detector however the security guard asked if  I was nervous so I replied I was just really hot.  She was like OH yeah it is hot at there.  I was at the meeting by 7:50 got to chat with everyone for a short period and some people new about my new wardrobe others did not so so people were surprise and others indifferent.  However I noticed that everyone else was dressed significantly more casual than I was.  Two of the ladies I work with from other states were wearing sundresses.  Samantha one of the ladies approached me and asked me if I was hot she explained that I looked like I was.  I told her I thought this was going to be a professional meeting she said it was but people are still going to dress casual because of the heat.  It just happened that the meeting was recorded so I got to look even stranger by not just being the only guy in a dress but also over dressed.