Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Georgia Heat

A few weeks back my job sent me to Atlanta on company business.  I wanted to enjoy the opportunity as I do get to go to Atlanta all that often and I am huge Braves fan since way back.  During my first day there I got headed over to my conference which is in the CDC.  I dressed conservatively.  Aline knee length skirt long sleeve blouse and jacket.  I got over to the meeting at 7:30 as the meeting started at 8:00AM  it was only about 100 feet from the parking garage to the building, however the time it look me to walk that distance it looked like I had showered with my clothes on.  Since the meeting was at the CDC I ended up going through security which proved to be not a big deal.  Metal detector however the security guard asked if  I was nervous so I replied I was just really hot.  She was like OH yeah it is hot at there.  I was at the meeting by 7:50 got to chat with everyone for a short period and some people new about my new wardrobe others did not so so people were surprise and others indifferent.  However I noticed that everyone else was dressed significantly more casual than I was.  Two of the ladies I work with from other states were wearing sundresses.  Samantha one of the ladies approached me and asked me if I was hot she explained that I looked like I was.  I told her I thought this was going to be a professional meeting she said it was but people are still going to dress casual because of the heat.  It just happened that the meeting was recorded so I got to look even stranger by not just being the only guy in a dress but also over dressed.

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