Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Haunted Ghost Trail

While in Atlanta I happened to take a few extra days and go to Savannah what a marvelous city right in history and a great place overall.  I had dressed up to go to dinner but because it was so darn hot I ended up changing into a sundress.  As was walking through downtown Savannah I happened to see a young lady named Jackie I was making small talk when I dark dressed young man explained that all who are onthe Ghost tour go with him she let me know her friend couldnt make it even thought she had paid for her and asked if I wanted her spot.  I agreed,  so on with the tour I went.  I wasnt wearing the right shoes so my feet were aching however the tour was great met alot of great people in this tour group.  In the group also were a group of Aussie students these students were on break from school and they were slightly drunk so when the guide talked about haunted stuff if really bother the drunkest of the two.  However,  I was getting a kick out of all those drunk people of a haunted tour. 

We stopped at a pub for a few minutes had I had a Angry Orchard to go which is legal in Savannah, and way we went.  The tour was awesome what a great group of people.  After the tour Jackie wanted to go see this German Rock band play I went along and stayed a few minutes however,   I couldnt understand the music and thanked her and left.

Overall a fun experience

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