Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rude Clerks even in the South

While in Atlanta i happened to go by a Catherines in Atlanta, I was going to buy a new sundress when I went in it was easy to tell the clerk wished  I had went elsewhere and she tried her best to not help me I would ask her about a dress and she was like that is all we have.  I found a dress I liked and I asked to try it on she responded by telling me they dont let men try on dresses in their store I explained there was no sense in buying it if I didnt know if it was going to fit.  She explained I still wasnt going to try it on.  So I put the dress back and left.

I went to a Dress Barn right down the street the clerk was nice and helped me pick out a nice dress the ones I liked she thought didnt look good on me and the ones I thought were so so looked good on me.  Subsequently I found a few and that experience was a very positive one.

However, I found even the South has really rude people.

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