Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Braves Game in a Dress

While in Atlanta I got to catch 2 Braves Games the first one on a Monday night.  After my meeting I went back to my hotel room changed and headed over to the game.  I wore a sundress and flip flops and a ball cap.  The game was great most of the crowd was friendly but did not know how to act towards me and I think the rudest was the two ladies sitting in front of me the were exceptionally snarky and rude.  I believe they were lesbians as they were making out occasionally so I was taken aback but the fact that here at two people who have been picked on for their lifestyle make fun of others.  What a tangled web we weave.

The game was close but the Braves lost.  The staff was professional but there was alot of maam sir mix ups that I let roll of my back occasionally I would correct them but overall I would let it pass.  However they have a club house store for womens fan gear so I went shopping in there and the clerk was overal not really nice I asked about what sizes she had stuff in it was always if it aint out we dont have it.  Overall the game experience was wonderful

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