Monday, January 27, 2014

Finaly Friday

This morning the weather was crazily cold in the single digits however good to my word I got up this morning put on my dress and went to work.  The dress looked longer than it actually was.  My work day went off withut a problem everyone did what they were suppose to do and we got to leave on time.  After work I went by Soma Intimates and purchased a new Allura bra.  I swear one of the most comfortable bras on earth after Soma I went and had dinner a the Twin peaks restaurant I know why it is called that and the food is good but the fried pickles are delicous.

 Dinner went wrather well I did get more than my fair share of strange looks however evcerything went well.  One of the ladies I work with her daughter works there si I try to make small talk with her she is pretty good at it but has her moments of where she doesnt feel chatty.

The photo was taken from the night out

Friday, January 24, 2014

Day Three

It was cold cold cold at home today and I slept in late.  I got up got dressed made it all the way to my truck when I realized.  I was not wearing a dress so I had to go back in and change I put in the bra and panties and dress and took everything else with me it is amazing what you can fit in a purse.  The dress was knee length however as cold as it was I was wondering if I should have started this journey in the summer. 

My whole body was cold the people I work with are great they initially looked at me cross eyed I was like you have seen me in a dress before but one of the ladies I work with was like yes but it is really really cold to cold for me.  I was like yes it was almost to cold for me I almost wore pants under my dress she stated that would have looked stupid and while I agree it would have looked stupid.  So I ended up not wearing pants. 

Having to carry everything with me in a purse answered the question about why women carry so many things in their purse it is because you never know what you are going to need.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day Two

Today  I woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual and made it to work on time no runs in my pantyhose.  The people who didnt see me on day one saw me on day two.  Went to the gym after work and then onto to Hooters for wings Wednesday and the Thunder were playing.  We won by 8 points. 

I thought Hooters would be worse than grocery store.  I can not put my life on hold during this journey so I went anyway I am glad I did. Overall my experience their was a positive one.  One of my buddy's girlfriend works there I ended up with one of her tables.  It was overall a great experience.  She intially got a kick out of seeing me in a dress and tried to sell me a hooters shirt HA HA.  During my meal she sat down with me and shot the breeze along with her friends they asked my why I was doing it I explained it to them.  I am a open book so Jennifer one of her friends was like can I ask you something I was like go ahead.  I went ahead and volunteered yes I am a guy I am happy being a guy.  She said no that is not what she was asking I said go ahead.  She asked if I was wearing panties.  I asked her if she was she said yes I sarcastically remarked Me Too. I then told her yes in all seriousness I was wearing panties.  Then I asked her if she asked all her customers that she said just the guys in dresses.  She went back and told her friends I was wearing panties including my buddy's girlfriend apparently she was the only one surprise everyone else was like Duh wears a dress probably wears bras and panties. Overall though a good experience.
First day at work after the three day weekend this was going to be the real test the first day wearing a dress at work.  I spoke with Human Resources and they advised do to discrimination I must remain in compliance that means no short short dresses or mini skirts don't flaunt cleavage use the men's restroom (Don't know why I wouldn't) and try not to make a mockery of them.

Monday I ended up getting up 15 minutes before I normally do and even though I woke up 15 minutes sooner I ended up being 15 minutes late for work.  This whole dress wearing was a pain in the neck all the extra time it took.  Pantyhose are such a pain and they had a run in them 5 minutes after putting them on. 

Once I got to work my boss was surprise I told them I was going to but after a 10 minute conversation I was able to get to work.  The rest of the day people were going in and out talking to me trying to get a look.  I got to the point where when people would walk in I would stand up and look at them and acknowledge them so they could see me then I could get back to work.

Going to the gym after work was interesting as everyone wanted to take a peak and changing in the mens locker room was a chore as everyone wanted to take a peak.  So like a champ I held my head high and changed just as if I was like everyone else.

Lets be honest that is because I am like everyone else.  I just happen to have a larger wardrobe
The three day weekend of dress wearing went over with some hiccups.  The first time I went out in public was to the grocery store and all that hubbub you would have thought a bear was riding a unicycle in the store.  One Monday I went to the movie Theatres and saw Shadow Recruit good movie however a modest let down compared to Hunt for Red October and Clear and Present Danger.  The dress I chose was suppose to be knee length however when you are 6ft tall that often becomes short. 

I got a few looks in the theatre and at dinner however the experience was pretty good overall.  I look forward to when it doesn't bother me as much.
Dress Shopping

As a former college linebacker I am 6ft tall and broad which means it is near impossible to buy a dress at gap or the mall I ended up at Lane Bryant and Dress barn the ladies their were really nice at first they were taken aback I was shopping for me however they were very helpful I was able to get three dresses not enough for a 7 day week but a good start.

I bought quite a few bras from Soma Intimates very comfortable bras, I also bought some from Lane Bryant I bought two plunge push ups wow do they make your boobs pop out they put them up front for everyone to see.

As far as pantyhose I brought 7 pair of Just my size from Wal Mart.

Being saturday was the first day after I bought the dresses that was day 1.  So January 18,2015 will be 1 year.  Normally new years resolutions start on January 1, since mine did not it also will no end until January 18, 2015

I am a native Oklahoman I was born and raised in the Tulsa area.  I played football in high school and was good enough to play in college.  So I got a football scholarship to play a Baylor University. (Go Bears)  I received my first degree in Biochemistry a Bachelors of Science from Baylor.  For those counting I have 5 degrees 3 undergraduate degrees and 2 graduate degrees.  My other two undergraduate degrees are  BS in Mathematics from Arizona State University.  A BA in Sociology from Arizona State University.  A MS in Mathematics and Statistics from Penn State University and a MA in Criminology from University of Mississippi.  At some point over the next two years I will have a third Masters a Masters in Nursing Science from University of Oklahoma.  This would let some people believe that I am a genius however how smart can a guy be that wants to wear a dress everyday.

I am married have been for the last 7 years.  Happily married to an understanding wife

A little about me, I am not anymore transgendered than anyone else. I am not a transexual and I have the upmost respect for those who are.

I am just your average run of the mill guy that decided to start a journey hopefuly to learn more about others and alot more about myself.
Welcome to A Year in Dresses,

This is my blog about my journey as a man wearing a dress everyday for the next year.  Most of the thoughts will be about my overall experience and whats in the news however.  I hope to gain valuable insight that I can share with the world as well.

I am not disillusioned into thinking I am more important nor my experience more important than anyone I was just hoping to pass on my experience and views.

During the next year I will everyday wear a dress in my everday life. At this time I do not have a wig or make up nor do I believe I would chose to.  As I am not attempting to look like a woman. 

First question I get asked is why a dress?

I don't have a real good answer but this is what I have found out.  I was always curious about women's clothes and I used to wear my sisters clothes when i was little.

Also the social construct we have attached to what is boys and what is girls "stuff."Plus I have always been curious to me.  Boys can not like dolls girls can't like trucks and hunting.  I am curious why we are so quick to tell people what they can or can not be.

Before I decided on wearing dresses.  I started with other clothes I thought about.  Wearing jeans everyday for a year however my profession would not permit me to wear jeans at work.  What would be the underlying lesson "Jeans are Great"  I think everyone would agree a comfortable pair of jeans is great.  I considered wearing panties everyday for a year.  I considered wearing bras everyday for a year and while I am going to do that as well I was not sure that was going to be enough. Then I thought about wearing women's trousers at work and jeans not at work so I bought a few pair of trousers I still have them.   They are more comfortable but have smaller pockets (Apparently no need to carry keys or wallet in your trouser pocket).  I tried wearing skirts however I enjoy them and have some but still was not quite what I was looking for.

 So then it hit me what is the one article of clothing that is feminine that can not be confused with anything other than what it is, a dress.

So then I thought about how long I should wear one and what the terms should be.  First I though the term should be long enough for me to truly grasp an understanding.  I initially thought 1 week.  Then I thought 1 month.  But that seemed to me that you would barely get through the nervousness and awkardness after 1 month.  I thought about how long would it take for wearing a dress to become second nature to me.  That it would seem normal to put on a dress   So then I thought about 1 year,  and I made that part of my New Years Resolution.  So was well as losing weight eating healthier I am going to wear dresses everyday this year as well.

Here are the self imposed rules I have put on myself during this expedition.  First everyday I will wear a dress, i will go through the same morning ritual all women go through getting ready for the day.  Until I get more dresses there will be repeats of the same dress.  I will wear a dress in every part of my everyday life.  Work, grocery store, movies everything one person normally does.  There will be a few instances when I will not wear a dress these are;
When I am farming on my ranch it is near impossible to build fence, haul hay, and ride horses in anything but jeans.  Second if I have a wedding or funeral I will not be wearing a dress, while I am not opposed to wearing dresses during funerals and weddings I am considerate enough to know these events are not about me and subsequently I should dress accordingly.  Third my job has been accepting however they require me to wear a suit and tie should I meet with the governor or any head of state.

However on the instances when I can not wear a dress I will put one back on when the event is over.