Thursday, January 23, 2014

First day at work after the three day weekend this was going to be the real test the first day wearing a dress at work.  I spoke with Human Resources and they advised do to discrimination I must remain in compliance that means no short short dresses or mini skirts don't flaunt cleavage use the men's restroom (Don't know why I wouldn't) and try not to make a mockery of them.

Monday I ended up getting up 15 minutes before I normally do and even though I woke up 15 minutes sooner I ended up being 15 minutes late for work.  This whole dress wearing was a pain in the neck all the extra time it took.  Pantyhose are such a pain and they had a run in them 5 minutes after putting them on. 

Once I got to work my boss was surprise I told them I was going to but after a 10 minute conversation I was able to get to work.  The rest of the day people were going in and out talking to me trying to get a look.  I got to the point where when people would walk in I would stand up and look at them and acknowledge them so they could see me then I could get back to work.

Going to the gym after work was interesting as everyone wanted to take a peak and changing in the mens locker room was a chore as everyone wanted to take a peak.  So like a champ I held my head high and changed just as if I was like everyone else.

Lets be honest that is because I am like everyone else.  I just happen to have a larger wardrobe

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