Thursday, January 23, 2014

Welcome to A Year in Dresses,

This is my blog about my journey as a man wearing a dress everyday for the next year.  Most of the thoughts will be about my overall experience and whats in the news however.  I hope to gain valuable insight that I can share with the world as well.

I am not disillusioned into thinking I am more important nor my experience more important than anyone I was just hoping to pass on my experience and views.

During the next year I will everyday wear a dress in my everday life. At this time I do not have a wig or make up nor do I believe I would chose to.  As I am not attempting to look like a woman. 

First question I get asked is why a dress?

I don't have a real good answer but this is what I have found out.  I was always curious about women's clothes and I used to wear my sisters clothes when i was little.

Also the social construct we have attached to what is boys and what is girls "stuff."Plus I have always been curious to me.  Boys can not like dolls girls can't like trucks and hunting.  I am curious why we are so quick to tell people what they can or can not be.

Before I decided on wearing dresses.  I started with other clothes I thought about.  Wearing jeans everyday for a year however my profession would not permit me to wear jeans at work.  What would be the underlying lesson "Jeans are Great"  I think everyone would agree a comfortable pair of jeans is great.  I considered wearing panties everyday for a year.  I considered wearing bras everyday for a year and while I am going to do that as well I was not sure that was going to be enough. Then I thought about wearing women's trousers at work and jeans not at work so I bought a few pair of trousers I still have them.   They are more comfortable but have smaller pockets (Apparently no need to carry keys or wallet in your trouser pocket).  I tried wearing skirts however I enjoy them and have some but still was not quite what I was looking for.

 So then it hit me what is the one article of clothing that is feminine that can not be confused with anything other than what it is, a dress.

So then I thought about how long I should wear one and what the terms should be.  First I though the term should be long enough for me to truly grasp an understanding.  I initially thought 1 week.  Then I thought 1 month.  But that seemed to me that you would barely get through the nervousness and awkardness after 1 month.  I thought about how long would it take for wearing a dress to become second nature to me.  That it would seem normal to put on a dress   So then I thought about 1 year,  and I made that part of my New Years Resolution.  So was well as losing weight eating healthier I am going to wear dresses everyday this year as well.

Here are the self imposed rules I have put on myself during this expedition.  First everyday I will wear a dress, i will go through the same morning ritual all women go through getting ready for the day.  Until I get more dresses there will be repeats of the same dress.  I will wear a dress in every part of my everyday life.  Work, grocery store, movies everything one person normally does.  There will be a few instances when I will not wear a dress these are;
When I am farming on my ranch it is near impossible to build fence, haul hay, and ride horses in anything but jeans.  Second if I have a wedding or funeral I will not be wearing a dress, while I am not opposed to wearing dresses during funerals and weddings I am considerate enough to know these events are not about me and subsequently I should dress accordingly.  Third my job has been accepting however they require me to wear a suit and tie should I meet with the governor or any head of state.

However on the instances when I can not wear a dress I will put one back on when the event is over. 

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