Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day Two

Today  I woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual and made it to work on time no runs in my pantyhose.  The people who didnt see me on day one saw me on day two.  Went to the gym after work and then onto to Hooters for wings Wednesday and the Thunder were playing.  We won by 8 points. 

I thought Hooters would be worse than grocery store.  I can not put my life on hold during this journey so I went anyway I am glad I did. Overall my experience their was a positive one.  One of my buddy's girlfriend works there I ended up with one of her tables.  It was overall a great experience.  She intially got a kick out of seeing me in a dress and tried to sell me a hooters shirt HA HA.  During my meal she sat down with me and shot the breeze along with her friends they asked my why I was doing it I explained it to them.  I am a open book so Jennifer one of her friends was like can I ask you something I was like go ahead.  I went ahead and volunteered yes I am a guy I am happy being a guy.  She said no that is not what she was asking I said go ahead.  She asked if I was wearing panties.  I asked her if she was she said yes I sarcastically remarked Me Too. I then told her yes in all seriousness I was wearing panties.  Then I asked her if she asked all her customers that she said just the guys in dresses.  She went back and told her friends I was wearing panties including my buddy's girlfriend apparently she was the only one surprise everyone else was like Duh wears a dress probably wears bras and panties. Overall though a good experience.

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