Monday, January 27, 2014

Finaly Friday

This morning the weather was crazily cold in the single digits however good to my word I got up this morning put on my dress and went to work.  The dress looked longer than it actually was.  My work day went off withut a problem everyone did what they were suppose to do and we got to leave on time.  After work I went by Soma Intimates and purchased a new Allura bra.  I swear one of the most comfortable bras on earth after Soma I went and had dinner a the Twin peaks restaurant I know why it is called that and the food is good but the fried pickles are delicous.

 Dinner went wrather well I did get more than my fair share of strange looks however evcerything went well.  One of the ladies I work with her daughter works there si I try to make small talk with her she is pretty good at it but has her moments of where she doesnt feel chatty.

The photo was taken from the night out

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