Friday, January 24, 2014

Day Three

It was cold cold cold at home today and I slept in late.  I got up got dressed made it all the way to my truck when I realized.  I was not wearing a dress so I had to go back in and change I put in the bra and panties and dress and took everything else with me it is amazing what you can fit in a purse.  The dress was knee length however as cold as it was I was wondering if I should have started this journey in the summer. 

My whole body was cold the people I work with are great they initially looked at me cross eyed I was like you have seen me in a dress before but one of the ladies I work with was like yes but it is really really cold to cold for me.  I was like yes it was almost to cold for me I almost wore pants under my dress she stated that would have looked stupid and while I agree it would have looked stupid.  So I ended up not wearing pants. 

Having to carry everything with me in a purse answered the question about why women carry so many things in their purse it is because you never know what you are going to need.

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