Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Outerbanks

My cousin Chrissy and her husband Jason live in Kill Devil Hills N.C., so when I was out in Wilmington N.C. on business I used the opportunity to go visit her.  Earlier this year they had welcomed daughter number 3 into the world.  She is Reagan  So they have 3 girls Ryanne 15, Elizabeth 9, and Reagan, born in January.  Chrissy and I were really close growing up so it was plesant to see her.  I told her I had made some changes in my life this year so I would look different.  So explained she looked forward to seeing me and I looked forward to seeing her as well.  The drive from Wilmington to Kills Devil Hills took 5 hours which you really dont think it should take that long.  So I ended up there around lunch time.  I arrived at their house around 11:45 and it took Chrissy alittle bit by surprise she said I know you said change but this is a big change.  The girls greated me and I was close to all of them but  I am the god parent to Elizabeth to and honestly she is the best friend anyone could ask for.  When Elizabeth saw me I thought she was going to be hurt but she hugged me the same and sweezedd tight.  She asked me about the dress I let her know.  She was completely ok with it I was releaved. 

Shortley after arrived there it was lunch time so we headed out to lunch.  We went to Dare Devils pizzeria.  We shared a large pizza between the four of us.  Chrissy and I ordered a salad ahead of time.  When the waitress came by I asked the waitress where the restroom was and she replied which one.  Beth spoke out and said the ladies of course.  Beth offered to show me I advised the waitress I was not trying to cause any problems she said no big deal and Beth showed me to the ladies room.  While I was in the bathroom Beth was talking to me through the door.  I was listening and she let me know her concerns about me wearing a dress.  She had two fears.  First I would be her god parent anymore I told her she would always be my little buddy.  Second she thought  I needed I new name as I didnt look like a Joe anymore.  So I asked her to take the lead and come up with some names.  Beth came up with Kaylee and Madison because those were her two best friends.  Ryanne came up with Aubrey and Bayleigh, I came up with Caitlin and Faith, Chrissy came up with Andrea and Julia.  So Beth volunteered she liked her names the best but I told her to ask other people not just herself So we wrote the names down on a piece of paper and for thre rest of the day she would talk up to strangers and ask them what I should be called.  She asked almost 60 people and I promised her that whatever the results were I would be okay with

In the finally tally it was
Kaylee lll (Beth was atleast one)
Gweneth lllll
Bayleigh llll
Aubrey lllllllllllllllll
Caitlin llllllllll
Faith l (My vote)
Andrea lllll
Julia lllllllll

Even though Beth wanted me to be a Kaylee, I hoped Caitlin or Faith would win and Caitlin almost did I ended up Aubrey. 

So when we finally got back to their home after going to the beach.  Beth wanted to make sure I have a girls swimsuit give I brought with me.  Jason was home and Chrissy explained I had made some changes and he thought I lost weight so he was surprised when he saw me he was like Crap I am surrounded by women everyday and when I finally get someone to visit who may like hunting they turn out to like dresses instead.  I promised Jason that it was not exclusive I still very much enjoyed hunting and fishing.  Because because you were dresses and panties doesnt mean you dont like hunting.  He told me about  this deer he took and afterwards we headed to this seafood restaurant Sam and Omies.  The entire time at the restaurant and the rest of my visit Beth kept introducing me as Aubrey  

Skull Creek Boathouse

After swimming I headed over to the Skull Creek Boathouse. As it was close to dinner time so the place was packed I took a number as they stated it would be a 45 minute - 1 hour wait. I asked where a good place to wait was and they advised that down by the channel there is an outdoor bar, so I went down there the company there was kind. However, being there were people already drunk at 6 pm they wanted to take my picture,which I am usually not OK with. While I was at the bar the two female bar tenders asked me what I wanted I ordered a reds apple ale I wished I had ordered one of their mixed drinks are seeing them but a Redds is what I ordered.  Jennifer was one of the bartenders names took my order I asked her if I could order off the menu she said I could and I asked for a recommendation and was recommended the Sevechie. I ordered the tropical sevechie. The two female bartenders were nice and the married couple from Virginia next to me were kind we chatted up alittle bit they live near the beltway and recently bought a house down in Hilton Head and were enjoying it.   While waiting on my food customers came and went but pleasant overall.  One of the locals decided to sit next to me and chat me up wow what he drunk.  We chatted for 45 minutes while I was eating and exchanged random conversations.  He explained he was a fishing captain and took people out on his boat to go fishing.  Tried to get me to go out but because  I did not know him and was only there for 1 day  I declined he swindled me into buying him a beer which was fine because his company was worth the price of the beer. 

Overall though the visit was fun and should I go back I plan on eating again at the skull creek boathouse.

Hilton Head South Carolina

While in Georgia on business a few weeks ago I was fortunate to get to do some sight seeing one of the locations I ended up going was Hilton Head South Carolina.  A place known for their beaches and heat.  It was summer so it was extremely hot so I decided to wear a sundress.  I only brought two with me so I ended up buying another one when I got there it was a short blue one.  It was modest however it still was designed to be knee length so when you are 6 feet tall knee lenth usually means mid thigh.  But like I said it was summer so it was a welcome change.  My first stop was the Staples as I needed to mail a package home and the experience was okay no big deal.  I took a small drive through the area and wanted to take advantage of the beach to do some swimming.  I found a beach that was not as crowded are another beach which really means it was still crowded and went for a swim.  I brought a two piece tankini which thankfully covered well.  Getting to the beach was a little bit of a walk but not to bad.  However upon arriving on the beach I got more than a few stares which I have kind of gotten used to.  The water was slightly warm but refreshing.  I was probably out there for 2 hours and really had a great time.  I chatted some people however most really didnt want to chat with me and after swimming I headed back to change into my dress again as I was getting hungry and it was around 6 pm.  The changing rooms at the beach have always been a sticky subject for me as I am unsure which one to use as either one will draw attention to me but only one will get me arrested so I used the mens changing room.  going in there I first rinsed off i was still wearing my swimsuit so it was understandable why I got more than a few looks.  However, I minded my business and they minded theirs for the most part. 

Not a bad experience