Monday, August 11, 2014

A Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains

While in Georgia for work I wanted to take a few extra days and go sight seeing.  I had heard about the Blue Ridge Mountains and decided to take a drive up from Gaiseville through the blue ridge mountains up towards the North Carolina Border and the Chatahoochie River.  The trip did not disappoint  since I knew that is where I was going I decided to stay in Cornelia GA sunday night.  It was a very lovely Hampton Inn and Suites and the front desk person as nice. 

I got up Monday morning, Iwas avised it was going to be hot so I decided to wear a sundress it was full length to perhaps not be so freaking hot and headed over to the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It is beautiful up there are while there was not a diverse group of people.  People are people so I ran into to the spectrum of all the different people. 

I stopped in the Bavarian town called Helen and had breakfast it was delightful.  After tht I headed over to Spring Mountain which is the head of the Appalachian Trail at Spring Mountain.  I learned that while I was there.   The hiking trail is well definted but they falsely lead you to believe how far it is.  I changed out of my sandles and put tennis shoes on for the walk.  When you start they tell you, you are only 600 steps away when you make it the 600 steps there is a sign that says congrats half way there.  You dont want to give up you just went 600 steps so you finish.  The sight was beautiful. 

After leaving Springer Mountain I headed over to Ellijay.  It is amazing there, they have an orchard that grows its own peaches, apples, strawberrys.  While I was there I decided to try an Apple donut it did not disappoint.  The cashier I could tell was uncomfortable but the food wass still delicous.  In addition I tried Muscadine Grape freezy made with Muscadine Grapes and ice.  It was delicous.  I also tried their Apple Cide, Peach Cidar, and Strawberry Cidar.,  I mailed Apple and Strawberry home. 

After my trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains I needed to head to Atlanta I had a conference to prepare for and a Braves game to catch.