Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hilton Head South Carolina

While in Georgia on business a few weeks ago I was fortunate to get to do some sight seeing one of the locations I ended up going was Hilton Head South Carolina.  A place known for their beaches and heat.  It was summer so it was extremely hot so I decided to wear a sundress.  I only brought two with me so I ended up buying another one when I got there it was a short blue one.  It was modest however it still was designed to be knee length so when you are 6 feet tall knee lenth usually means mid thigh.  But like I said it was summer so it was a welcome change.  My first stop was the Staples as I needed to mail a package home and the experience was okay no big deal.  I took a small drive through the area and wanted to take advantage of the beach to do some swimming.  I found a beach that was not as crowded are another beach which really means it was still crowded and went for a swim.  I brought a two piece tankini which thankfully covered well.  Getting to the beach was a little bit of a walk but not to bad.  However upon arriving on the beach I got more than a few stares which I have kind of gotten used to.  The water was slightly warm but refreshing.  I was probably out there for 2 hours and really had a great time.  I chatted some people however most really didnt want to chat with me and after swimming I headed back to change into my dress again as I was getting hungry and it was around 6 pm.  The changing rooms at the beach have always been a sticky subject for me as I am unsure which one to use as either one will draw attention to me but only one will get me arrested so I used the mens changing room.  going in there I first rinsed off i was still wearing my swimsuit so it was understandable why I got more than a few looks.  However, I minded my business and they minded theirs for the most part. 

Not a bad experience

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