Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mooning the Boss

My job on the occasion requires me to put forth presentations from time to time in front of the leaders of our organization and Tuesday was no different.  So before my presentation I went ahead and used the restroom to make sure I didnt have to go during.  Apparently the back of my dress got stuck in my hose.  A few minutes into my meeting I was asked to give my presentation over the completion of contuining education credentials for practicing nurses that work for the state.  So I was going to be up their a while. 

Apparently I got quite animated and turned my back to the crowd on a hand full of occasions.  As I didnt know the presentation went off without a hitch.  However, after the meeting was over as I was leavin Crystal said "Heah you didnt know this but you were mooning us during the presentation"  The back of your dress is caught in your hose.  I was about thre shades of embarassed. 

So after the meeting I sent out appology emails.  Rest assuring them I didnt know all the feedback was positive reassuring me they knew it was accidental.  One of our Executive leaders she reminded me to make sure I look in the mirror before leaving the restroom in the future I told her I would.  I promised  not to make a habit out of moonming people.

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