Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bachelor Party

As last Friday was one of Chris last few as a free man.  The three of us took him out on the town.  I met the guys at Chris's house and we took his C Class since their was just the four of us.  I was notimated the designated driver.  This was no big deal to me as  I didnt mind.  I had bought a dress for the occasion and we met the other three were semi-suited up No Ties!  We started at out the strip clubs by his house and worked our way around the city.  We got him an obserd number of lap dances.  The second strip clud we went to the double d saloon the guys got me a lap dance, which was moderately embarassing.  However, the girl who gave it was a good sport about it as it was a first for both of us. 

The humor in the evening was that all three of my friends tried to take photos of each other doing stupid things.  However as the sober one I thought it was hilarious.  They all got photos however they were off tilt or crooked or not in focus. 

We ended up at 5 strips cluds in OKC and all the guys were totally in the bag.  Around 11pm we started rounding up the evening.  I took Josh home, then Terry, then on to Chris.  After dropping chris off I made sure he made it to his couch I wood have made sure he made it to his bed however the trash cans are closer to the couch. 

Overall I had a great time it was a first for many of us.  Christy was a good sport about and asked me to come to her bachelorette party i was flattered but respectfully declined. 

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