Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shopping and a trip to Hooters

After work I need to make a return to Somas to take some clothing that didnt fit back while I was there they talked me into trying one of their Stunning Support Full Coverage.  I went ahead and gave it a try it was kind of uncomfortable however it offered alot of lift.  I went ahead an got it as the girl advised me that it would be more comfortable after it got worn more often.

After that I went over the the Lane Bryant Outlet store they were having a clearance sale.  Everything was 50% off and Clearance 60% off.  I tried on a few dresses I thought they were alittle short the lady clerk didnt think so.  In addition I tried on I one piece jump suit I liked everything about it but the inseam was alittle short I know I was suppose to wearing only dresses but I was looking for things to wear to when I can not wear a dress.  My friend is getting married next month and as I stated I will not make a joke of his wedding by wearing a dress.  However, I am wearing one to the bachelor party.

After shopping I decided I wanted a night cap so I headed over to hooters for a drink.  I have had bad luck at this Hooters and I was unsure how it would go.  As a entered alot of people were starring at me that is pretty usual.  The waitresses name was Kelsie she was kind polite and friendly.  Everything I could ask for.  After being seated I ordered my drink and a subsequent drinks as well.  I however only had 2 as I was driving.  I then sit there watched the game on the TV and chatted with the staff.  After my previous experience being so horrible I decided to talk to the manager she was great not only did she have a great personality but she was attractive and chatty as well.  Overall a great experience.

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