Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Road Trip

On friday I go off early so I used this opportunity to take a road trip.  I ended up going to Wichita Kansas.  I know everything is think how exciting wichita.  However I was going up there to see my cousins new baby and go to the cabelas.  The trip was a great trip no complaints I did see a few people who looked at me cross eyed or like I was alittle strange.  My cousins husband works in Wichita but they actually live north of there.  So I asked him where he wanted to meet me when he got off of work so I could then follow him to his house.  There was a Twin peaks and Hooters by his job Hooters was closer so I ended up hanging out there for 90 minutes waiting on Jason.  The greater was unsure how to treat me so she kind of ignored me and took a complasant approach.  However one of the waitresses was especially kind she was not my waitress.  She walked by and let me know that my dress had been caught over the chair and I was exposing my rear.  After being embarassed I corrected the dress and waited for Jason. When he got off work he met me there he was taken aback by the fact I was in a dress he had never seen me like that before.  So we shot the breeze for about 20 minutes and headed out to his house.  When we got to his house my cousin hadnt seen me sinceI started wearing dresses so she was taken aback by that I was wearing a dress.  She initially was shocked and she then teased me about how short it was I explained that it went to just above the knee however when I say down at Hooters I had mooned the restaurant.  She got a kick out of that.  I met there new baby such a darling and then I subsequently went on to Cabelas i Cabelas I was treated Okay not great but OK I have been treated better and worse. 

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