Friday, March 14, 2014

Out to Movie

Living on a farm the only times I really get to go out is on Fridays so Friday two weeks ago I decided to go out.  When I got off work I put of my push up bra and my favorite blue dress and went out on the town. 

My first stop was at Lane Bryant as I had received a Lane Bryant gift card for Christmas and hadnt used it I was able to go there when they had 70% of clearance I was able to buy two pairs of pants and a top for less than $20.  Great deal.

After leaving Lane Bryant I decided to go catch a movie, Non-Stop had just came out so that seemed like a good movie.  The theatre was moderately busy however I had no problems I bought my ticket and while I got a few looks everyone overall either ignored me or was nice to me.

The movie was OK not great and after the movie I stopped by the Rockaway taverns for some adult beverages.  Overall positive experience I knew the bar tender there however I wasnt expected to run into anyone I knew.  However,  I ran into one of the ladies I work with she was polite.  SHe njoyed her beverages and I enjoyed mine and went on about our evening

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