Friday, March 21, 2014

Dinner and a Movie

Last Friday went I to Dinner with my friends and their significant others.  Chris is getting married so Terry and his wife, Josh and his girlfriend, Chris and Christy, and I all went out to dinner at Charlestons. 

Before heading to dinner, I needed to change so I brought my clothes with me and changed at work.  I had bought a new dress and was looking forward to wearing it.  As I was changing I notices a tear along the seam in the back of the dress.  I was wearing a dress so it wasnt that big of a deal.  I called Dress Barn wear I bought and thought I would swing by and exchange it for the same dress.  However, when I got there there didnt have that dress in my size any longer.  So I went through picked out two other dresses and went on my way. 

Luckily I was only a few minutes late to dinner and of course my friends didnt let me live it down.  Terry was razzing me stating I was always the first one there and on time.  All of a sudden give him boobs and a dress and he is running late.  I was like yes Terry boobs make people run late. 

Dinner was wonderful we always have a great time.  We have some drinks joke with each other and enjoy each others company.  Dinner got done around 9 as Terry and Jennifer needed to get home to their kids.  Josh and his girlfriend went on to some dance clubs. 

I had no interest in going so I decided to catch a movie as my wife wouldnt be home till after 11.  I headed over to Penn Square AMC Theatres to catch a movie.  Getting to the mall as they were closing there were not alot of people at the mall.  I went in and saw 300 rise of an Empire in 3D.  It misses some plot however it is a good movie and in 3D it is amazing.

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