Friday, March 21, 2014

Buying H-Posts and Corner Posts

Living on a farm I am always fixing fence or moving fence or building new fence.  This week like all other weeks is no different.  I am building a new property line fence on my south side as such I decided to purchase two corner posts and a couple of h posts to have just in case. 

Yesterday I decided to go and pick them up when I got off work, I called to make sure they were there, at that time I asked if anyone was going to be able to assist in the loading of the posts.  The shop advised that customers loaded there own posts.  When I arrive to pick them up I just got off work so I was still in a dress.  A knee length blue wrap dress, upon my arrival they were very friendly and advised me where the posts were.  They then advised that they would help load as they did not think I was going to be able to load them.  Normally I would take the help, however instead I decided to load them my self.

So far I have been amazed how people treat you differently based on how you are dressed,  In jeans and a tshirt you can load your posts.  In a dress suddenly you are to weak to do mans work.  Somehow we have this notion that what you wear defines who you are.  That is a terrible shame.

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